Friday, May 6, 2011

Goodies Galore.. Lock n Lock supporter program

Yesterday, I received this big box of items from  Lock n lock. I had submitted my blog for their event and got selected. Why? Because so far, all the items from LocknLock I have used has been a hit in my household. Right from sauce bottle (which I use for storing oil ) to leak proof jug to borosillicate round containers ( I have been using this to store my rasgullas ) and others. On my recent trip to India, I saw how useful they were in storing food items in hot and humid Indian climate. I was really impressed.  Moisture stayed out of grains and lentils, freshness remained in nuts and ants stayed out of sugar and jaggery. So here is a product I believed in and wanted to promote by sharing my experience with it.

My first and best purchase so far has been the borosilicate glass containers. Its much better than another brand I had purchased sometime ago. You can see in use in Rasgulla posts. I even use to carry breakfast to work. They are truly leak proof and food heats up fairly quickly in the microwave. So when I saw some more in the box,  I was excited! Notice the cute flower pattern on the lid, little details like these make great safely transferring food in great looking containers.  I have yet to use it in oven. There are different varieties that you can find at their LocknLock website.

These pans simply look awesome. They are perfect size for small family serving.  I am already planning my next dish ... baked vegetable in them. There are bigger sizes available as well on their website.

And this is the last item...a microwaveable bowl that comes with a strainer. It will perfect for quickly boiling potatoes, which I do quite often , or steaming vegetables. In the bowl, I think you can practically make anything... right from  curries to soup to .... anything! You'll see more of this bowl and the pan in use on my blog :-)

Oh and before I go, I must mention, the cling wrap from LocknLock is really great. It stays in place. I had received a smaller size from LnL earlier what I use regularly for wrapping my chapati dough for freezing. 

So there... go ahead, give it a try ...there is a huge selection of products on their website. It'll be a worthwhile purchase.



  1. Good to know that, Shy. Shall check the site. The products look great. Thanks.

  2. Superb products. Awesome. Thanks much for sharing. Planning on getting them for meself.

  3. Thanks friend And raghu for visiting the page. I am glad you liked the products :)

  4. Hey Shy
    The locknlock containers look neat. We might need to get those as well! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Hi Shy
    Nice products thanks for sharing.Microwavable bowl looks awesome.

  6. Thanks Sunnyside and Anonymous for stopping by.

  7. Shy, I was looking for BPA-free,leak-proof containers.
    Thanks for the review,it really helped us to narrow down on choosing the right one.