Saturday, July 30, 2011

Potaoes in mustard gravy..............with a twist!

Actually the title in Hindi would have sounded better - rassedaar aloo - twist mar ke !

Mustard gravy was usually made as base curry for fish or okra in my younger days. And I feared making  any dish that called for mustard gravy. Why?.......because I hadn't made it enough times to be confident about it.  I had been in this deadlock for so many years !!! But now no more.  A couple of years ago, when my mom was visiting me I finally paid close ..........reeeeally close attention to the whole process.  The twist comes from my mommy dear - a wee bit of sambhar powder makes each and every flavor pop in this gravy. Really it does..! This curry is so versatile - you can make it with potatoes, fish, okra, eggplant, asparagus.......yes that too!! 

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Convenience is its middle name - Lunch bag from Lock n Lock

Hello folks..........I am back from a much needed hiatus. I was away attending a wedding in beautiful San Francisco. Weather was perfect - infact much cooler than rest of the country. It did get crazy at varied by hours not days !!! Anyways it was great to see friends and family after a long time. My kids had a blast!!!! Now we are back to the grind and were greeted by heat in the plains..

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Baked Fish and some LnL discounts!

Long weekend is already here and it is now I am getting to writing this...shameful S !!! I had planned to post this last weekend. Nevertheless, here I am with very simple yet full of flavor recipe which is healthy as well.

One lazy weekend, my husband wanted do something different with fish than regular fish fry and fish in mustard gravy. He found this recipe on and boy oh boy, am I glad? I totally love the flavors here....very fresh, summer like and light. Fish in itself is very bland but this mint-dill-garlic marinade gives it this multi-dimensional flavor. And it is on a bed of vegetables, so you are not really missing out anything. Gotta try to have all your colors from food pyramid : -) I modified few things in the recipe though. I used fish fillets (tilapia) and because fillets cook so fast, I 3/4th  boiled my potatoes before using it.  Also I used mint instead cilantro....... beeeeecause that's what I had and in my opinion it tasted fresher and better. BTW you should check out that site. Sanjay Thuma has some very good and easy to follow recipes out there. 

Before I get to cooking part, I want to first tell you about a couple of things. I used my LocknLock Glass pan (yes again!) to bake the fishes. It was perfect to bake a single serving. From the oven to the table - minimal use of dishes - my kind of cooking! LocknLock this weekend is having Fourth of July sale (upto 50% off) and they also have this code which will reduce prices by additional 45%......yes 45%! Even on happy hour items. Good products at excellent prices - how cool is that? Coupon details are at the bottom of the page along with link to glass pan and fish turner on LnL website.

Now lets get cooking....flaky yummy fish beckons!