Friday, September 30, 2011

Butter case and Coupon deal for LocknLock

Some time go I happened to make butter at home. Actually it started with intentions to make ghee but I was extremely happy just with butter that I didn't go any further. It was such an easy process - just beat the heck out of heavy whipping cream until it separates to butter and buttermilk. And to store this homemade goodness I had a exact container, a butter dish from LocknLock.  
Of course it's air tight with 4-side locking system. 

It also comes with a tray that you can use for holding the butter stick and measuring to exact tablespoon. 
Notice the markings for tablespoon.
I am glad to have found this dish. Now my butters have a home instead of just laying around in the fridge door. Did you know that butter absorbs odors if not wrapped and stored properly. I didn't until one time it had an off taste. 

If you interested, there is also a deal available right now on PlumDistrict on LocknLock. You can buy a coupon for $50 and the price of coupon after discount comes down to ~ $11 !!!! How cool is that. Here's how :
  • Follow this link PlumDistrict.
  • On the sign in page, enter plumlove promo code for 30% off. This code expires tomorrow. You can also add this code when you are buying the coupon. If that doesn't work, you can use checkout-20-off-starting-09-06-2011 for 20% off. This code expires on 5th October, so you can use it for some other purchase as well.
  • On the main page, you should be able to see the coupon ad for LocknLock. If not, follow this link.
  • When buying make sure you activate the promo code to bring the price down to ~$11.
$50 worth of locknlock products in just $11 a steal. Hurry this offer ends by 30th Sept midnight (PDT)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bottles...........bottles for everyone :)

I have been organizing and decluttering things around here lately both at home and my blogs - shaking things up a little bit. For one, I have decided to dedicate a separate blog to food coming out of my kitchen. I just felt they needed a place of their own.  A pinch of this, dash of that, Sprinkle And Stir. Check out my on Kalakand. Please update your bookmarks and blog feeders/readers. Those who follow by email, I will send email subscription request  to you mail ids. I have ported my recipes from here to that blog. I will be maintaining both my blogs.

Summer is already wrapping up.............before I could even tell you about the bottles I go from LocknLock! Few weeks ago, LnL was having a buy one get one free deal on water bottles and I jumped on it. I needed to replace our travel bottles as well as get something exciting for my daughter.

I got Lock & Lock Bisfree Canteen Style Water Bottle with Bag and recently had a chance to use it on a road trip. I found it so much more convenient in sticking it inside my backpack while travelling up to Pike's train!! No I would never hike up there with two toddlers !! It comes with a strap and case which keeps water cooler a longer time. Strap was useful to buckle it around my waist when  I could ditch the backpack. And did I mention it is BPS free.

I also decided to get a Character Stainless Water Bottle, Monkey pattern, for my daughter.  Its very cute. Bright blue in color and has small opening for drinking - which is perfect or little kids. Lid is attached to the body, so there isn't any chance of loosing it. Lid also has a silicon ring which ensures a tight seal.  My daughter picked up  monkey pattern for some reason although there five other colors. She totally loves it since she can handle all by herself without any help. And she totally digs that - she is at "I don't need any help"stage. If you are interested, check out the range of patterns available in different colors. 

Last time for tryouts, we had also received a Lock & Lock Double Wall Tea Bottle. It is great for having warm tea. It includes a strainer, so tea leaves/tea bag do not bother while drinking. There also a small compartment at the bottom that can be used to store unused tea leaves/bags for future use. Great isn't it?

So I decided to thrown in a tea bottle for myself - yeah why not? It's a thermal tumbler. Bright bold pattern makes it look very attractive. I enjoy having tea or coffee in it. Feature wise its quite similar to double walled tumbler except it doesn't have base compartment for storing extra tea or whatever. 

Lo Behold.............guess what did LnL send this month for try outs - another water bottle!!!! Perhaps they sensed how much I had been liking them. Lock & Lock Bisfree Two Tone Water Bottle is a slim bottle  and comes with a sipper insert. One side has small holes which will be useful if you flavour your drink with lemon, fruit pieces et al. I have used it around my house and because it is slimmer, I found it easier to hold - smaller hands. Unfortunately I missed taking pictures for this...........will update when I do so. This post has been sitting in draft section for too long!

So if I got you interested enough, check out the products on LocknLock. They have some event going on all the time - good products at great prices!!! Who wouldn't like that? Right now its Zen&Lock containers are almost 80% discount!!!!

Next time it will be airless container. Right now I have put it on freshness test. Ciao Ciao!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dealing with deals !!

Apologies all for missing in action for so long. Right now, we are doing some late spring/early fall cleaning. With so of much of useless items accumulated over the years, its mind boggling ! So daily we have been sorting, donating, keeping, thrashing and giving away.

With all the choas and stuff being moved around, keeping my kids toys and books separate has become an issue. And LocknLock Living Box has come in really handy. Right now it's holding toys in my daughter's room.