Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lock n Lock knife...Watch out!!

Lock Knives are most important tool in  any kitchen, in my opinion. If its not sharp, it easily makes a cook's life miserable. And I was on my way there!  I was looking to replace my current knives, but no ways was ready to spend a fortune on it. Lock n Lock every weekday has some items on huge discounts during its Happy Hour Sales Event. And these knives were on  it last week for $9.99. I promptly ordered 2 sets and they were delivered y'day.

I must tell you that they are awesome knives. The chef's knife cuts like a dream. I never knew the difference a good quality knife could make. No wonder cooks on Food Network keep stressing on the fact.

It has good weight and feels sturdy when I hold it in hand. Its razor sharp... be very careful because I wasn't and I nicked myself real quick...... in first few second!! It was a steal at that price.

I easily diced onions!

I haven't yet used the paring knife but I am sure it will be breeze to use as well.

If you are interested..... there is another one coming up on Thursday on sale in Happy Hour Sales Event !!!


  1. looks like u got a good bargain :)

  2. Absolutely! They keep having this set on sale.

  3. This set seems like a must have

    Thanks Sonia
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  4. I am in need of new knives as well..good to know these are good and they will be on sale too. :-)