Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Christmas....

Come Christmas and we are breaking our head what to gift a loved one or oneself. Well how about a well constructed, good quality stainless steel cookware set? Right now, at this moment, LocknLock have this Holiday Special Sale going on through 20th December. Apart from lots of container sets available at really low prices, I was very excited about the 13 piece Charming cookware set in stainless steel for $145.90. I own some of the piece included in this set and I can tell you they are constructed very well.  It feels heavy and on the inside have measurement markings. One good feature that I like alot is that it does not have rivets on the inside of the cookware. It irks me to no end when food is stuck around rivet.
Do consider this for someone who loves to cook. Its value for money. The set contains the following pieces which are also available for sale separately. Follow link to check out the details and to purchase it.
9.4-inch Casserole
6.3-inch Saucepan
7.9-inch Deep Casserole
11-inch Saute Pan
11-inch Wok
11.8-inch Wok with long handle
11-inch Steamer
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!!!

Friday, December 2, 2011

LocknLock Holiday Sweepstakes

Ho ho ho.... holiday season is here! And its time to try your luck. 

How does it work  - if you purchase anything from LocknLock from now till 24th December, you will be automatically entered for their daily sweepstakes. Only one gift per household..i.e. if you win once, you will not be entered for subsequent sweepstakes drawing. Today's winner will be announced the next business day. 
I own some of these sets and I can say, after using them for so many months, that they  are of excellent quality. 

Monday, November 28, 2011

Cyber Monday deal from LocknLock - Extended!

This is a steal!!! You can buy $100 worth of gift card in just $40!!!! Hurry, it wont last long. LocknLock has extended the deal for another 6 hours.

They have 2 kinds of cards on sale. Virtual gift card will be sent immediately to your mail box and you can redeem the code as store credit immediately.  Actual  plastic gift card will be mailed to you. For actual card shipping will be charged.

Also you cannot use existing store credit to purchase it. You need pay via credit card or pay pal.
Get a great Cyber Monday Gift Card Deal now! Today only $100 LocknLockPlace Gift Card is only $40. Last chance! Get ready for the Holidays! *Discount applied at checkout

Good luck and Happy shopping!!! 

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Holiday gifts

Holiday season is here and its time to get some for everyone. During LocknLock's black friday event, I got some great gifts for my friends. I got Silby Ceramic Dome Style Container 3piece set available right now for $27.88!!!
LocknLock has some great gifts to fit all kinds of budgets and recepients.
For someone who loves to cook, how about these ? Some of these prices are valid only during Thanksgiving sale.
Cookplus Vitamin 4-Pieces Set  ($48.99)

Lock & Lock Cookplus Fruits Casserole Pot, 9.5-Inch ($29.99)

Cookplus Charming Wok, 11-Inch ($44.10)

If you are on tight budget, how about these, all under $15!

Or how about gifts for outdoor enthusiast
Premium Mountain Hip Sack, Orange ($35.01)

Picnic Lunch Set, 36 Pc Set ($24.01)

Eco Mug ($9.95)
There are way too many options and ideas... head to LocknLock website right now to snag some awesome deals.

Lock&Lock Mystery Box2And of course how can not mention a new mystery box 2 deal. You could get products worth ranging from $40 to $70 for just $9.99. One in 5 boxes will contain product worth $70. Here is a Christmas right here  for you that doesn't cost much!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A quick pot of boiling water - Speed Cook pan

Sometime ago... LocknLock launched SpeedCook line of sauce pans for fast cooking. How does it cook fast - well its construction is such that it allows fast and efficient dispersion of heat. 
It has hard anodized coating all over the pan and lid. Its silicon covered handles and lid holder makes it easy to handle when the pot it hot.
And did I tell you its super light!  No it doesn't take two tiny people to lift the lid : -D !!! 
If you are into camping and outdoor cooking (I'm not)... I think it will be a great addition to your back pack. The lid, when turned over, can be used as a shallow plate. That's a definite plus! If you use chopsticks, there are 2 holes in the lid to hold that. Its just better and better!

It has marking inside the pan, so you know how quantity is inside the pan.
How fast can it cook....I just had to find out and whats the simplest thing you can do - boil water. I have an electric cooktop and it does take a good few minutes to get the water boiling which I find quiet frustrating. I put this to test and I timed it - yes I did !!!!

I filled up pan with 1 cup of water and placed it on a cold cooktop. It took about 3 minutes to warm temp and at about 5 minutes or so it was boiling. Wow! 
This is a picture of steam at 3 minutes.

And on an already warm cooktop top - it was warm at about 1-1/2 minute and about 3-1/2 minutes it was boiling.... woooohooo!! 

Handle felt a little warm but silicon cover made it easy to handle. 

This is definite plus for me - I get impatient at times. Sure there is microwave for boiling water but when I am cooking Maggi noodles ... it's not useful. Oh ya .. I timed boiling water in stainless steel sauce pan too ...<stop laughing!!!!>  It took about 8 minutes on cold cooktop to get it to boiling temperature.
Its a good cookware, perfect for some jobs and I would recommend having one in your kitchen. It will be money well spent.

And if you make purchase now through Nov 28, you will also get $5 store credit as thank you from them. There are also coupons available and other deals going on for thanks giving - check it out here.

Monday, November 21, 2011

More website!

Lock&Lock just launched their new website!!!! And way cooler than the previous one - I have to admit. There is provision  now to redeem your gift card and store it as store credit. If you are "misplacer" like me - its a boon!

What more they launched it with a bang - a new mystery box deal. You could get products worth ranging from $40 to $70 for just $9.99. One in 5 boxes will contain product worth $70.
Lock&Lock Mystery Box2

I didn't go for it last time... this time I just might... its too darn tempting!!!!

Also if you buy items with turkey logo, you will receive a free gift. Here's the catch ... you need to hunt the turkey (logo). Happy hunting !!!! Fun way to browse and look around the new website.
Find Turkey and Get a Free Gift

And wait Black Friday isn't here yet. I expect plenty more awesome deals on its way.

If you are looking for LnL coupons - there are 2 of them available right now
  1. Lock & Lock $50 to Spend on Airtight Kitchen Containers for $23 on Living Social - click here to sign up and then click here to buy the coupon. When you sign up for the first time, you will receive a $5 coupon, so the price drops to $18!!.. Gets sweeter - doesn't it?
  2. $50 to Spend on Airtight Kitchen Containers $23.00 ($50.00 Value) on Slickdeals
Its holiday season - Celebrate ....and shop! LOL!!!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Glass Canister from LocknLock

Hello hello... I am back with another review of a LocknLock product. Since last few weeks I have been on a pantry and freezer cleaning spree. I had so many items stocked up - it was driving me nuts. Why because I felt awfully guilty when I had to thrash stuff because I didn't get to it sooner. So I started Project Eat Up Pantry.... LOL... not literally! I have promised myself not to buy anything extra until I finish up what I have at home. 

Few days ago, it was frozen strawberries and blueberries turn. Hmm... what could I use it in? There is only so many pancakes and shakes you can have! So I decided to turn it all in a fruit preserve/spread. A pinch of red pepper flake, a dash of orange juice and spoonful of grated ginger made a world of difference.

Lock&Lock Glass Canister, Square, 3.8-Cup, 900-Milliliter
I will blog the recipe in few days... but that's not what I want to talk about right now. I had this glass canister from LocknLock which were perfect for storing my fruit preserve.  

Monday, October 24, 2011

Trick or Treat....?

Halloween is just around the corner.....with it comes little kids knocking at your door dressed up in all kind of cute costumes and asking in sing-song manner "Trick or Treat?" Last few years, it wasn't such a big event at our house. We had our bowl of candies to offer to whoever came knocking by. Kids were dressed up and taken to couple or so houses and that's about it.  

This year things are a bit different - my daughter has grown up!!! And she is pretty specific what she wants to do. She is going to be butterfly ... "with big pink wings and butterfly skirt (that would be a tutu) and butterfly headband and we will get candies and carve a pumpkin". She knows her business ...LOL! Well we did carve a pumpkin yesterday at our friend's house and she enjoyed that (after initial meltdown about wanting to do everything herself - which doesn't work out most times).  Anyways after all the fretting, struggle and directing.... carving was done. And it looks amazing at night when light glows in it. And spooky too. Why didn't I try this earlier?

I am looking forward to coming Monday when we  all go trick or treating. Dear weather, please be nice!

And Halloween is also about shopping deals. LocknLock has one such event going on at this very moment  - Mysterious Halloween Mystery Box  for only $9.99. Whats so great about it? Well.. you will be getting products worth $40.  It would be assortment of containers (plastic and/or ceramic) and bottles and each mystery box will be different from other. There is something more - if you get lucky..... your mystery box could have a $25 gift card. So that would make it - $65 worth of stuff for just $9.99. Now that would be worth checking out. 
Mysterious Halloween!

So hurry, order one today because this deal gets over on 31st October - Halloween day. Believe me it will be worth every penny because LocknLock does make some excellent containers and bottles. So what did your mystery box contain? Do drop in a comment here... would love to know.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bynn bin

I received my shipment LocknLock supporter gifts couple of days ago and I was super excited to see Bynn..... it has been on my list for a long time. Garbage bins don't need to be an eyesore. And Bynn is anything but....Its a plastic dustbin covered with removable leather sleeve - making cleaning the bin a zip.

It is an elegant solution for any place. I have placed mine in the bedroom. And it would be just as great in a living room or under an office desk.
This is one is smaller size (10.5 inches in height) but there is slightly bigger size available as well - Lock & Lock Bynn Leather Dustbin, 12.5-Inch. And yes they have other colors too - red, black and brown. These colors would match any decor.

And thats not the only garbage bin solution they have. They have lots of different choices available.  Lock & Lock Bynn Dustbin is a four part dustbin which perfect for using with plastic bags and complete cleaning. Plastic bags are completely hidden, so its another elegant solution for your kitchen. Go ahead check it out. 
Living bynn Cleaning

Before I leave you to your browsing..... I must mention latest product launch from LocknLock..... InPlus Storage baskets. There is whole range of colorful baskets  that can be used to store- toys, books, clothes and other odd items. One particular type that I liked alot is Wing Baskets..... I can think of so many places they'll be perfect for in my household. 

Enjoy your browsing session...ciao ciao until next time :)

Friday, September 30, 2011

Butter case and Coupon deal for LocknLock

Some time go I happened to make butter at home. Actually it started with intentions to make ghee but I was extremely happy just with butter that I didn't go any further. It was such an easy process - just beat the heck out of heavy whipping cream until it separates to butter and buttermilk. And to store this homemade goodness I had a exact container, a butter dish from LocknLock.  
Of course it's air tight with 4-side locking system. 

It also comes with a tray that you can use for holding the butter stick and measuring to exact tablespoon. 
Notice the markings for tablespoon.
I am glad to have found this dish. Now my butters have a home instead of just laying around in the fridge door. Did you know that butter absorbs odors if not wrapped and stored properly. I didn't until one time it had an off taste. 

If you interested, there is also a deal available right now on PlumDistrict on LocknLock. You can buy a coupon for $50 and the price of coupon after discount comes down to ~ $11 !!!! How cool is that. Here's how :
  • Follow this link PlumDistrict.
  • On the sign in page, enter plumlove promo code for 30% off. This code expires tomorrow. You can also add this code when you are buying the coupon. If that doesn't work, you can use checkout-20-off-starting-09-06-2011 for 20% off. This code expires on 5th October, so you can use it for some other purchase as well.
  • On the main page, you should be able to see the coupon ad for LocknLock. If not, follow this link.
  • When buying make sure you activate the promo code to bring the price down to ~$11.
$50 worth of locknlock products in just $11 a steal. Hurry this offer ends by 30th Sept midnight (PDT)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bottles...........bottles for everyone :)

I have been organizing and decluttering things around here lately both at home and my blogs - shaking things up a little bit. For one, I have decided to dedicate a separate blog to food coming out of my kitchen. I just felt they needed a place of their own.  A pinch of this, dash of that, Sprinkle And Stir. Check out my on Kalakand. Please update your bookmarks and blog feeders/readers. Those who follow by email, I will send email subscription request  to you mail ids. I have ported my recipes from here to that blog. I will be maintaining both my blogs.

Summer is already wrapping up.............before I could even tell you about the bottles I go from LocknLock! Few weeks ago, LnL was having a buy one get one free deal on water bottles and I jumped on it. I needed to replace our travel bottles as well as get something exciting for my daughter.

I got Lock & Lock Bisfree Canteen Style Water Bottle with Bag and recently had a chance to use it on a road trip. I found it so much more convenient in sticking it inside my backpack while travelling up to Pike's train!! No I would never hike up there with two toddlers !! It comes with a strap and case which keeps water cooler a longer time. Strap was useful to buckle it around my waist when  I could ditch the backpack. And did I mention it is BPS free.

I also decided to get a Character Stainless Water Bottle, Monkey pattern, for my daughter.  Its very cute. Bright blue in color and has small opening for drinking - which is perfect or little kids. Lid is attached to the body, so there isn't any chance of loosing it. Lid also has a silicon ring which ensures a tight seal.  My daughter picked up  monkey pattern for some reason although there five other colors. She totally loves it since she can handle all by herself without any help. And she totally digs that - she is at "I don't need any help"stage. If you are interested, check out the range of patterns available in different colors. 

Last time for tryouts, we had also received a Lock & Lock Double Wall Tea Bottle. It is great for having warm tea. It includes a strainer, so tea leaves/tea bag do not bother while drinking. There also a small compartment at the bottom that can be used to store unused tea leaves/bags for future use. Great isn't it?

So I decided to thrown in a tea bottle for myself - yeah why not? It's a thermal tumbler. Bright bold pattern makes it look very attractive. I enjoy having tea or coffee in it. Feature wise its quite similar to double walled tumbler except it doesn't have base compartment for storing extra tea or whatever. 

Lo Behold.............guess what did LnL send this month for try outs - another water bottle!!!! Perhaps they sensed how much I had been liking them. Lock & Lock Bisfree Two Tone Water Bottle is a slim bottle  and comes with a sipper insert. One side has small holes which will be useful if you flavour your drink with lemon, fruit pieces et al. I have used it around my house and because it is slimmer, I found it easier to hold - smaller hands. Unfortunately I missed taking pictures for this...........will update when I do so. This post has been sitting in draft section for too long!

So if I got you interested enough, check out the products on LocknLock. They have some event going on all the time - good products at great prices!!! Who wouldn't like that? Right now its Zen&Lock containers are almost 80% discount!!!!

Next time it will be airless container. Right now I have put it on freshness test. Ciao Ciao!