Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dealing with deals !!

Apologies all for missing in action for so long. Right now, we are doing some late spring/early fall cleaning. With so of much of useless items accumulated over the years, its mind boggling ! So daily we have been sorting, donating, keeping, thrashing and giving away.

With all the choas and stuff being moved around, keeping my kids toys and books separate has become an issue. And LocknLock Living Box has come in really handy. Right now it's holding toys in my daughter's room.

Keeping a bright color box to motivate her to put her stuff back in place has really been a great idea!!! She is excited to help mommy put her toys back in this fun box with a window! Whatever works......LOL!!! These fabric boxes have a very sturdy construction. Inside there are 2 wire frames that keeps the box in shape and when not in use, it folds flat for easy storage. The window flap can be zipped up and the top flap can be kept in place by zipping it up and securing it with velcro.
There is small transparent window in the front to let you see what the box holds.I can imagine it being used in so many ways - storing sweaters, toys and books, in the car for keeping everything together..............list goes on ! I am definitely going to get more of these. 

This week LocknLock had Living Box on sale in their happy hour, which I missed. But be on a lookout because they have had these boxes available on great price. Btw keep checking their Happy Hour, you can get great products for a steal. Lock & Lock Happy Hour - Save up to 70%!

54% off Lock N Lock products from kgbdeals
Also right now, LocknLock has this awesome coupon deal available at KGBDeals. In $23 you get a $50 coupon to use towards your purchase at LocknLock website. And to make it even sweeter, use KGBLNL811 code to  earn $10 in KGB cash available towards your next purchase. Cool na? So if you are interested you must hurry.........its available only for 5 more days. Why you can get the a few Living Boxes with this coupon!

Labor Day SaleSummer Clearance Sale

So what  can you get with the coupon.............well lots of stuff ! Right now on LocknLock website, there is a Summer Clearance event going on that has been extended. You can get stainless steel cookware, dusters, hand wipes, mats and tonnes of other stuff at huge discounted prices. And while you are at it, do check the Labor day sale also happening concurrently till 6th September. They have colorful stainless steel cookware(Fruit), BPA free containers(BisFree), ceramic cups(Eco)  for hot drinks and airtight ceramic containers (Zen & Lock) on sale. 

I bid you goodbye for the time being, happy surfing! I will be back with some more reviews - of LocknLock Bottles.

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