Friday, September 30, 2011

Butter case and Coupon deal for LocknLock

Some time go I happened to make butter at home. Actually it started with intentions to make ghee but I was extremely happy just with butter that I didn't go any further. It was such an easy process - just beat the heck out of heavy whipping cream until it separates to butter and buttermilk. And to store this homemade goodness I had a exact container, a butter dish from LocknLock.  
Of course it's air tight with 4-side locking system. 

It also comes with a tray that you can use for holding the butter stick and measuring to exact tablespoon. 
Notice the markings for tablespoon.
I am glad to have found this dish. Now my butters have a home instead of just laying around in the fridge door. Did you know that butter absorbs odors if not wrapped and stored properly. I didn't until one time it had an off taste. 

If you interested, there is also a deal available right now on PlumDistrict on LocknLock. You can buy a coupon for $50 and the price of coupon after discount comes down to ~ $11 !!!! How cool is that. Here's how :
  • Follow this link PlumDistrict.
  • On the sign in page, enter plumlove promo code for 30% off. This code expires tomorrow. You can also add this code when you are buying the coupon. If that doesn't work, you can use checkout-20-off-starting-09-06-2011 for 20% off. This code expires on 5th October, so you can use it for some other purchase as well.
  • On the main page, you should be able to see the coupon ad for LocknLock. If not, follow this link.
  • When buying make sure you activate the promo code to bring the price down to ~$11.
$50 worth of locknlock products in just $11 a steal. Hurry this offer ends by 30th Sept midnight (PDT)

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