Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Glass Canister from LocknLock

Hello hello... I am back with another review of a LocknLock product. Since last few weeks I have been on a pantry and freezer cleaning spree. I had so many items stocked up - it was driving me nuts. Why because I felt awfully guilty when I had to thrash stuff because I didn't get to it sooner. So I started Project Eat Up Pantry.... LOL... not literally! I have promised myself not to buy anything extra until I finish up what I have at home. 

Few days ago, it was frozen strawberries and blueberries turn. Hmm... what could I use it in? There is only so many pancakes and shakes you can have! So I decided to turn it all in a fruit preserve/spread. A pinch of red pepper flake, a dash of orange juice and spoonful of grated ginger ....it made a world of difference.

Lock&Lock Glass Canister, Square, 3.8-Cup, 900-Milliliter
I will blog the recipe in few days... but that's not what I want to talk about right now. I had this glass canister from LocknLock which were perfect for storing my fruit preserve.  

These canisters come with a lid that has breathing valve built into it. This allows to automatically exhumes gas that builds up inside the canister when it stores fermented food. And the silicon ring in the lid prevents air  from getting inside - so food stays fresh longer. Its been 2 weeks since I made the preserve and it still tastes fresh. 

If you like it, LocknLock has whole range of canisters in different sizes - from 3.8 cups to 10 cups. Right now they are on sale - 30% off for Halloween. And LocknLock do sell them on Happy hour every now and then - thats another deal you might want to check out.

You can use it to store a number of things - cookies, pickles, nuts, jams, jellies, pasta, spices, herbs or whatever you fancy like candies for Halloween season.  And its not limited to your kitchen.

Mysterious Halloween!And don't forget about the  Mystery Box for only $9.99. You will be getting products worth $40. It will be an assortment of containers (plastic and/or ceramic) and bottles and each mystery box will be different from other. There is something more - if you get lucky..... your mystery box could have a $25 gift card. So that would make it about $65 worth of stuff for just $9.99.Definitely worth checking out! 

Until next midnight rambling.... ciao ciao : - )

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