Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bynn bin

I received my shipment LocknLock supporter gifts couple of days ago and I was super excited to see Bynn..... it has been on my list for a long time. Garbage bins don't need to be an eyesore. And Bynn is anything but....Its a plastic dustbin covered with removable leather sleeve - making cleaning the bin a zip.

It is an elegant solution for any place. I have placed mine in the bedroom. And it would be just as great in a living room or under an office desk.
This is one is smaller size (10.5 inches in height) but there is slightly bigger size available as well - Lock & Lock Bynn Leather Dustbin, 12.5-Inch. And yes they have other colors too - red, black and brown. These colors would match any decor.

And thats not the only garbage bin solution they have. They have lots of different choices available.  Lock & Lock Bynn Dustbin is a four part dustbin which perfect for using with plastic bags and complete cleaning. Plastic bags are completely hidden, so its another elegant solution for your kitchen. Go ahead check it out. 
Living bynn Cleaning

Before I leave you to your browsing..... I must mention latest product launch from LocknLock..... InPlus Storage baskets. There is whole range of colorful baskets  that can be used to store- toys, books, clothes and other odd items. One particular type that I liked alot is Wing Baskets..... I can think of so many places they'll be perfect for in my household. 

Enjoy your browsing session...ciao ciao until next time :)

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