Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A quick pot of boiling water - Speed Cook pan

Sometime ago... LocknLock launched SpeedCook line of sauce pans for fast cooking. How does it cook fast - well its construction is such that it allows fast and efficient dispersion of heat. 
It has hard anodized coating all over the pan and lid. Its silicon covered handles and lid holder makes it easy to handle when the pot it hot.
And did I tell you its super light!  No it doesn't take two tiny people to lift the lid : -D !!! 
If you are into camping and outdoor cooking (I'm not)... I think it will be a great addition to your back pack. The lid, when turned over, can be used as a shallow plate. That's a definite plus! If you use chopsticks, there are 2 holes in the lid to hold that. Its just better and better!

It has marking inside the pan, so you know how quantity is inside the pan.
How fast can it cook....I just had to find out and whats the simplest thing you can do - boil water. I have an electric cooktop and it does take a good few minutes to get the water boiling which I find quiet frustrating. I put this to test and I timed it - yes I did !!!!

I filled up pan with 1 cup of water and placed it on a cold cooktop. It took about 3 minutes to warm temp and at about 5 minutes or so it was boiling. Wow! 
This is a picture of steam at 3 minutes.

And on an already warm cooktop top - it was warm at about 1-1/2 minute and about 3-1/2 minutes it was boiling.... woooohooo!! 

Handle felt a little warm but silicon cover made it easy to handle. 

This is definite plus for me - I get impatient at times. Sure there is microwave for boiling water but when I am cooking Maggi noodles ... it's not useful. Oh ya .. I timed boiling water in stainless steel sauce pan too ...<stop laughing!!!!>  It took about 8 minutes on cold cooktop to get it to boiling temperature.
Its a good cookware, perfect for some jobs and I would recommend having one in your kitchen. It will be money well spent.

And if you make purchase now through Nov 28, you will also get $5 store credit as thank you from them. There are also coupons available and other deals going on for thanks giving - check it out here.

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