Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Christmas....

Come Christmas and we are breaking our head what to gift a loved one or oneself. Well how about a well constructed, good quality stainless steel cookware set? Right now, at this moment, LocknLock have this Holiday Special Sale going on through 20th December. Apart from lots of container sets available at really low prices, I was very excited about the 13 piece Charming cookware set in stainless steel for $145.90. I own some of the piece included in this set and I can tell you they are constructed very well.  It feels heavy and on the inside have measurement markings. One good feature that I like alot is that it does not have rivets on the inside of the cookware. It irks me to no end when food is stuck around rivet.
Do consider this for someone who loves to cook. Its value for money. The set contains the following pieces which are also available for sale separately. Follow link to check out the details and to purchase it.
9.4-inch Casserole
6.3-inch Saucepan
7.9-inch Deep Casserole
11-inch Saute Pan
11-inch Wok
11.8-inch Wok with long handle
11-inch Steamer
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!!!

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