Friday, January 20, 2012

Organization made simple

I had mentioned about Wing basket earlier... now I am back after using it for sometime. 

This basket has become a catch all in my household.... be it laundry, my kids toys, winter essentials (oh ya... gloves, hats, mittens, ear muffs for four people becomes quiet a pile!) I have recently changed my residence and I am still in the process of finding home for stuff in my house. This basket has become my third hand.

Do you see the deep semi-circular makes access to stuff easy-I found that to be a very convenient feature when I had filled it up with toys and saw how easily my kids were able to look for their precious pieces!

And these side flaps come handy when you want to stack baskets to get vertical storage solution. That would be a very good way to store toys or maybe inside your closet to basically throw anything in it that gets lost easily.

You can get these InPlus Wing baskets at LocknLock website. Right now they are on sale... additional 40% off on top of their special prices. Thats makes it a sweet deal! Discount code it LIVING2012
Get Organized in 2012 !

Go ahead .. explore and get organized!

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