Sunday, July 24, 2011

Convenience is its middle name - Lunch bag from Lock n Lock

Hello folks..........I am back from a much needed hiatus. I was away attending a wedding in beautiful San Francisco. Weather was perfect - infact much cooler than rest of the country. It did get crazy at varied by hours not days !!! Anyways it was great to see friends and family after a long time. My kids had a blast!!!! Now we are back to the grind and were greeted by heat in the plains..

So whats perfect for carrying food in this weather when you are travelling......especially with young kids? Well  LocknLock must have known my predicament because they sent this lunch bag with containers to carry food. 
It has 3 of which includes a divider and a cool pack. What I liked about it is that it includes a slotted tray to hold the cool pack above the food, separated from the food. 
So if you want to pack fruits and cheeses......its just perfect for that!! This size works out best for my small family. It great for carrying one homemade meal for those couple of hour road trips.

They also sent a beautiful spoon and chopsticks with the lunch bag. I don't know how to use chopsticks but this may be a good time to learn using them. Look at beautiful flower pattern on the porcelain handle. If you like it,  they have a whole collection in Rubynia pattern- from forks, spoons and knives to serving spoons, pot holders et al. Just search for Rubynia on the website.
Yes I did put the cooler to use....packed some chicken dumplings for us, spinach egg rice, cherries and carrot sticks  for my kids. And of course there has to be corn...........latest sensation with my li'l guy - he can eat it all through the day, alternating it with milk LOL!!!!!

Thought I'd share this super easy and super simple rice recipe with you all. For my daughter, rice has to be cannot be yellow ( which means with dal )!!! So when she requested egg rice I was happy to be able to get some protein in her. Of course I have to push the envelope and added some spinach to it. And thankfully she loved it! She showed me her muscles and tells me mom I'm getting stronger- thank god for little mercies ; - ) 


1 cup cooked rice
1/3 chopped spinach ( fresh or frozen )
2 eggs beaten
1 tbsp milk
q tsp butter
Salt and pepper to taste

Get Cooking

Melt of butter in pan on medium low heat. Add spinach and saute until all the moisture has evaporated. Add milk,salt and pepper to beaten egg. Pour this mix in to the pan and scramble gently until set. Once done, toss it with cooked rice. 

Thats it !! How simple is that? You have your carbohydrate, some protein and green vegetable all in one dish. It works for me every time. Try it. Its a wholesome on-the-go food.

If you like these above mentioned items, check them and other useful items for your day to day requirements at LocknLock website
  1. Lock & Lock Square Lunch Box 3-Piece Set with Insulated Gray Stripe Bag 
  2. Silby Cutlery, Rubynia, Spoon&Chopstick Table Set
They have a sale going on - Christmas in July where there are tonnes of glass and plastic container sets available at great price. I have been interested in their stainless steel set for sometime now. I guess its time to act : -)

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