Sunday, June 5, 2011

More tryouts from Lock n Lock

Today I received my set of items from LocknLock. This time lots of items to tryout. I already had purchased a number of plastic containers, so I know they are excellent for storing nuts, spices, flour, sugar... list is endless. And this is just kitchen list!!! There are some small plastic storage containers that I am going to use to store my whole spices and move it into the freezer. This way they'll be fresh longer in airtight containers. 

I would say the same for glass containers. I had received and purchased borosilicate containers earlier. I use these practically everyday to store my leftovers and other food items. Its just so convenient..just take it out and pop it straight in the microwave, heat and serve. I don't use plastic for reheating food.

I also received some Zen &Lock containers and Eco coffee mug. Zen & lock  are ceramic containers but are very light... something like corelle dishes but better. Lids are airtight. It comes with a floral design. Dinner time just got prettier !!! Its perfect for any occasion for serving tasty dishes..from casual family affair to few friends over to dinner. I am looking forward to using these.

I am not much of coffee drinker.... but prefer tea. Eco mug is perfect just for that. Its one way to do your bit for environment....use ceramic mug instead of paper cups.

You'll be seeing these containers in action alot in my future posts. Until then...bonne nuit!

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